SpaceMouse support in SketchUp Web

Hi there,

I am with 3Dconnexion, the makers of the SpaceMouse devices. We are having trouble enabling them in your web-based version of SketchUp (they work fine in the desktop version). I was asked by your tech support team to bring this up on your forums in order for someone to reach out to us. Which I hereby did :slight_smile:


Might be that @TheOnlyAaron would be able to help you get things going when he’s at work.

I think the basic issue is that your hardware needs a plugin to work with the software, But the web version doesn’t use 3rd party plugins. So your developers and Sketchup’s developers would need to sit down and work something out.
If you were to make it work there would be a huge number of people made very happy.


@Gopal - check out this demo:

It works with space mouse in Safari and Chrome on Mac, and in Chrome and Edge on Windows. Seems a bit sensitive in Edge. Not sure what the effort would be in adding support to SketchUp, but the demo shows that it’s possible.

@robert_stadie The demo doesn’t honor gravity, which usually is turned on in SketchUp. The demo may not feel quite like space mouse does in SketchUp desktop. Not sure if you could get a gravity option added to make it feel more correct.


@colin Thanks for sharing the demo with the forum. This demo is intended to show the technical feasibility of manipulating 3D browser content without the need of any special add-ins. Regarding the “gravity” I assume you are referring to what we call “Lock Horizon”. You can enable it in our driver for Windows in the Advanced Settings.

In the case of SketchUp for Web we would aim it behaves like the desktop version but with zero download and zero install (except for our usual driver). There are already commercial products out there which could be taken as a benchmark.

We are here to make it happen… :sunglasses:

@robert_stadie, see my post here: Sketchup Free (online version) does not support 3D Spacemouse - #30 by happy_vector. and cc @AndyDove, @russellfincher who asked similar questions in separate posts.

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Thanks for sharing @happy_vector. Interesting project!
I strongly believe that the best user experience is provided by our 3DconnexionJS interface but the integration would need some support from the SketchUp development team. This cannot be done solely from the outside (otherwise we would have already done it).

Hi. Many years a Sketchup user here. I took a couple of years break because of Covid, and coming back now I just need to modify a sketch and don’t need to sign up for a year. Wondering if there’s any update on the Chrome situation as I’ve always used a SpaceMouse and I’m hopeless without it.

I tried happy_vector’s plugin, but it seems not to work on Mac, and none of his GitHub contact links work now :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any help or information.

I have no idea if it works on Mac or ot…(Google Chrome required)

Hey thanks man. Yeah that’s the one I tried. Status never moves from “Disconnected” in Chrome/Mac. Thanks anyway.