Spacemouse driver didn´t show in Extension Manager


I am working with a 3dconnexion spacemouse. I installed the newest driver. In my sketchup extension manager happend nothing. i can not see anything that is related with 3dconnexion.
Mouse is working in other applications.

If it is installed correctly (the latest 3DConnexion installer should be run after SketchUp is installed), you should see an extension called 3DxSketchUp. Was SketchUp closed when you ran the 3DConnexion installer?

Sketch was running while installing 3dconnexion software

Did you restart SketchUp after installing? Ideally, you should Close SketchUp, run the installer, and then restart SketchUp.

I will try this

First I removed the 3dconnexion Software. Then reboot, new Installation, and now it works in SketchUP.
Thanks alot dear Aaron :slight_smile:

Happy to help!

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