Space my cut list layout objects 3 mm apart allowing for table saw blade kerf

Hi All,
I have 300 plus objects of all varying widths and heights.
I want to seperate a selection of the objects by 3 mm.
Allowing for my table saw blade kerf.
To save In my .skp file for later use.
Hoping to find a free extension or code.
Can anyone help with either?
Thanks in Advance

OpenCutList has this allowance built in, and customisable.

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Many thanks.

Looking for an extension, inside SKU, that will space all my objects that are completely different sizes h,w,d to be 3mm apart.

Then work with the result within sketchup,

You said you want to space them “Allowing for my table saw blade kerf.”

If the objects vary in height, width and depth, on what principle do you lay them out?

OpenCutList can lay out sheet material of the same thickness in two dimensions on a sheet of given size.

How would you lay out and cut objects of different thicknesses?

Are they all the same thickness? I.e., are they the same size in their third dimension? I may have misinterpreted this earlier.

If they are the same in one dimension eg the thickness of a sheet material, then I believe OpenCutList is a SU extension that can do what you want.

and it’s an extension “inside SKU”. just look it up in the extension warehouse.

in there, you create your material, say a 3-ply panel, with a thickness and size, you apply that material to all your pieces, and it’ll make everything for you. it’ll tell you how many boards you need to buy, and how you need to cut them (and yes, you can have a 3mm kerf), and even prepare labels to identify the different pieces.

@john_mcclenahan, I think h,w,d was written in the heat of the moment, meaning h, w,d, varying only in two dimensions.

Updated to clarify.

Hi all, I’m Looking for an extension,
to use inside SKU,
that will space my selected objects
which have completely different sizes h,w,d
to be Xmm apart.
X can by any number
Then work with the result components
within Sketchup,
Hope that’s a better description.

Thanks in Advance.

Eneroth Laser Tools

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Champion of Champions.
Not exact but will learn how to compensate.
Thanks so much.