Somehow grab a face you aren't looking at for push/pull?

I was working in my model, in this view, and realized I had somehow grabbed the blue highlighted face with the push/pull tool. I normally would have to select that entire end of the piece, and move it, or swing my view around to the other side and push/pull it that way (ignoring the mitered beaded profile here which would make this impossible).

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Is there a way to intentionally grab a face that you aren’t directly looking at? That would be a pretty sweet feature.

Unless you disable it in Preferences, Push/Pull will work on a pre-selected face. Either deselect the face before getting Push/Pull or press Esc after to deselect it. Or disable the pre pick option.

I had not selected the face beforehand.

Somehow that face got selected. At least that’s what your screenshot shows.

That’s what I’m saying. Maybe my text below the image was unclear but that’s what my question is - is there some trick that allows someone to select a face without looking at that face?


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That certainly looks like what I accidentally did. Can you please explain how to intentionally do this?

In your case probably it was a glitch. In my gif I used PushPull, two shortcuts (Hide and Unhide) and the X-Ray vision to create that process through an illusion.

Without X-Ray, respectively shortcut

Oh that’s super interesting! Thank you!

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I figured out what’s happening and wanted to put this information here in case anyone else comes along this information.

I have ‘W’ set to edit a group.
If you hit ‘F’ (for offset) then it highlights whatever face you’re hovering over.

So here is what happened:

I had selected an object, hit W to edit it, hit F and hovered over a face, then hit ‘alt+E’ to hide that face. Then when I hit ‘P’ I could push/pull any of the other faces which were previously obstructed (until I had hid the foremost face).

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Unfortunately I don’t think any of those are default shortcuts. I may be wrong
I also may or may not have made it to your Ted talk, depend on which of us is in control of the dream.

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