Solids advice

Looking for advice on what Iam doing wrong.
trying to put holes/shapes in tubes
I have 2 objects in my model 1 tube and 1 shape.
I click 3 times on the tube and make it an group . Entity info shows it is a solid
do the same think with the shape and entity info shows its a solid
go back and check the tube and entity shows it just a group same with shape
any ideas

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

new carport 13 x 20 w_concrete base.skp (604.9 KB)

I think you’ve set a record for the largest number of unneeded nesting levels for the two groups I show here. Look at Outliner and expand the nested groups.

There’s no need for all those levels of nesting. Only the lowest level objects can be solids and the Solid Tools will only work on those lowest level groups.

Here I’ve exploded all but those lowest level of grouping. Both groups show as solids now.

And now the smaller one can be used to cut a hole in the larger one.


thanks for your help
i am still learning