Solid Walls for 3D Printing?

I just got my first 3D printer (SLA type). I launched Sketchup and designed a random object to test the printer (see attachment please). The object was exported to .stl file and opened in ChituBox then sliced. Tracing the slices shows that “walls” in my object have no thickness (hollow)!

I wonder how to make solid walls for 3D printing?

Thank you.
randome object.skp (1.2 MB)

The key problem in your SketchUp model is that most of the faces are reversed. You need to have white front faces on the outside.

Right click on one of the white faces and choose Orient Faces from the Context menu.

After all the faces are corrected it should look like this:
Screenshot - 1_14_2020 , 1_21_44 PM

Then to confirm all is good for printing, make a group or component and look at Entity Info. It should show as solid.


Thank you so much DaveR! That did the trick :+1: