Solid Tools Subtract

I’m trying to use solid tools to subtract a NPT pipe thread and create a nut. For reference I am using the file from the warehouse (link below). Each time I attempt to create the nut I am told that is it not a solid. Am I missing something or is the attached file no good? Thanks

According to ThomThom’s Solid Inspector 2, these thread samples are not SketchUp solids. For starters, the size texts are grouped together with the threaded sections - they need to be exploded because solids can not contain nested objects. But then the thread group still has stray edges and a “surface border” that prevent it from being a solid (a “surface border” means there is a hole in the surface of the object, characterized by an edge that is used by only one face). SI2 can fix the stray edge, but can not fix surface borders because it can’t guess how the hole ought to be closed.

True. Among other conditions, a Solid must be an airtight volume.
All these models have a gap at the root of the thread along its entire length.

The latter.
The best components are those you make yourself.
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