Solid inspector says it is, Sketchup says it ain't!

Hi guys - I’m making progress (= learning) but am stumped why Solid inspector calls this component ‘clean’ and yet I cannot subtract from it as Sketchup says it ain’t… ?Solid or not.skp (183.2 KB)

I expect it’s the weird geometry where the heave edge is between the front and back faces.

If you zoom in close to the end of that, you can see there’s a weird gap.

Hiding some of the outer surface, you can see there is also internal faces in that curved region.

You really need to get in the habit of keeping face orientation correct. No exposed back faces.

Is the shape the way it is supposed to be?

I believe that, just as there are cases in which orient faces fails, there are odd situations in which Solid Inspector or SketchUp’s solid logic can be fooled.

Yes that’s good advice; as you say it needs to become a habit, so will work on making it so. Yes that little step was because I later added the shape and the way I did so wasn’t entirely optimal. Have fixed / redrawn.