Snaps for Dynamic Components

Are there any plans for the “Snaps” feature going forward? I have a large library of dynamic components and I would like to add snaps to them to make assembly easier and more precise. However, they don’t move with any stretch or change in size of the DC. For instance, if I have a beam component that can be stretched. I put a snap at the start and end. If I stretch it the end snap stays where it was placed instead of moving with the end of the beam. I was using Cadman’s Snap Connector Tool. Which worked great. However, it no longer is supported. (The developer passed away last year.)

I use snaps on the ends of DC pipes in 2024. The snaps stay on the ends when stretched (scaled).

It seems to work on simple components, but not on anything with nested components. I created a simple cube and attached snaps to each end. They did move when it was stretched. However, with my “less simple” component with nested components inside, the snaps would not move when I stretched it


Would you mind sharing the model?

Conveyor.skp (305.4 KB)