Small sketchup project- I would like a pro to create a model for a kitchen and a mudroom

I’m looking for a pro who could create a kitchen model from pictures, measurements, and perhaps blueprint files. I’m looking to capture my existing kitchen as is and then look at redoing a couple parts of the design that we’d like to change. Also, I have a small to medium mudroom that I’d like to have a model built for that includes a full built-in with “cubby-like” storage. I’d like this to be able to be rendered in cherry or a couple different paint colors. I’d also like to be able to generate a cutlist for cabinet making. Very similar to some of what DaveR has demonstrated in tutorials. Thank you!

Hi scottz
I would like to help you with your kitchen.
DM me to see all the info.

Hi Scottz, are you a business or is this for personal use? I’m one of the Sloped founders and we have many tested and certified freelancers that could help you with this project.