Sliding wall and rotating module

Hi guys, I need your help again!

I have 2 dynamic components that have different motion using different axes.
The first one is a volume that rotates in its corner, and the second one is a sliding wall that is into the volume.

The problem I have is that each one works independent from the other, and when I rotate de volume, the wall doesn´t rotate with it but stays in the same position where it slides. I want them to interact independent with each click, but I want them to be joined.

Componente giratorio y deslizante.skp (708.7 KB)

The sliding door needs to be in the building component

All onclick must be on the same level of nesting, otherwise the one on top will always have precedence,

In order to get operations on same level I added buttons to walls of the building

Componente giratorio y deslizante.skp (748.1 KB)

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