Sliders in Dynamic Component

Hi all,

I want to create a dynamic slider component so that I can have a single slider or four sliders or even six as if you change the block to “4”, it will equally divide the panels. Technically, Each panel will be a group and the whole slider will be a component. It would be great to be able to stretch a door into place and have it’s profile not stretch at the same time. Would also be great if it could be changed from 1 - to 2- to 3 - to 4 - to 5, etc. Please help me to make is possible. Thank you.

Can you upload the model please?

sliding doors.skp (25.1 KB)

Amended solution
sliding doors.skp (27.7 KB)

click on first (fixed) door

sliding doors.skp (320.7 KB)

framed doors

How would the fixed door move to the right and the others to the left

you can reverse the run, putting the fix door on the opposite side either by flipping the component or add conditional statements based on a choice
sliding doors (1).skp (157.2 KB)

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