[Slic3r] Bottom surface of part is missing

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I have made a cap 3.5 inches across about 1/4 inch thick bottom and about 1/4 inch walls going up another 1/4 inch . . . . i add it to Slic3r it says it sliced it up move to Repieter-host the what will be the top of the cap to cover a hole Or bottom of the part on the 3D printer is gone Just shows the sides going up about 1/2 inch . . Can I up load the STL file or the g-code file

did you try?

also add your .skp as that is most likely where the error resides…


Okay here is the skp file I made this bottom first as a 7mm thick disk then drew circle at where the walls were about 7mm thick and used Push Pull to make the walls taller by the same 7 mm or 8 mm total item is 3.6 inches across ( about 44 mm ) and about 15 mm tall about 1/2 inch tub.skp (1.1 MB)

And then when I move to Slic3r it does the layers comes out about 46 layers and move to Repeiter-Host to make in 3D and the bottom of the Cap is missing or what would be the top of a cover if put where I want it at . .

Must be an issue with Slic3r. Looks fine in SketchUp and MakerWare and anything else I can open the file in.

humm maybe i get errors fixed some times before the item gets sliced into layers . . Will see if there is upgrade to it . . !

Item is bowl in bowl basically and even thought SU reports soilld the two bottoms are 7mm apart and possible unsupported distance is abt 57 mm. I am not familiar with slicer but maybe try NetFab or Meshmixer and see if it is ok with them. MeshMixer maybe better choice since you can aslo select ( limited with free ) print technology. Since you canot get to inside you will not have option to add support and break them out since there is no access.
Do you have to make item the way it is:)

Never heard of the NetFab or Meshmixer . . But are they Linux or windows stuff . .
Would be hard to make it in two parts and assemble into one part . . It is to be water proof or at least keep water out of the hole . . haha there are two screw holes I did not include as I thought I would just use a drill press to get them in the right spots
I got a different out come with the slicer in Repeiter-host Cura ( something ) I think . . Sure started out weird Slic3r makes a circle around the part before making the actual part Cura did not made me wonder what was going on . .
Will check on those two slicers . .

NetFab is Shapeways and meshmixer is autodesk. The max I have seen on over hangs is 45 degs. Meshmixer gives you over hangs inclusion ( supports) based on criteria you set. The model is very simple and it would be easy to put some supports in just to be safe and see what slicer does then.
From what I have read slicer3r is good so if having problems seems like it is seeing some thing it not like?
BTW Shapeways has a free service where in you can upload your model, they will analyze for you. Warehouse does same via I.materialise(sci) also
BTW just checked the slicer3r manual and it has similar capability as meshmixer for over hangs and quote the same 45 deg. over hang criteria and they have suggestions for various types of in fill patterns http://manual.slic3r.org/expert-mode/support-material.
Of course just guessing: That is problem; circle may be the initial base lay down on bed; and can set slicer to add in fill material so SU redesign not required.


You see it´s absolute ok . If not, there would be a triangle like a traffic-sign

NetFab cost money from what I seen or read on the page and the MeshMixer had un resolved issues when I tried to install it need some file got Major warning in the install

I got this to print and it came out maybe can use this to get the cap to print out like I need ridersusa.stl (491.5 KB)

Just make the lettering say Made by Lynne in the middle in 2 lines and then bring the walls up the 7 mm

Just got the redo of Tub.skp to have letters in the bottom and it has decided to print the entire part . . WEIRD . .Just adding the letters to the bottom of Made by Lynne on 2 lines has made the part make the bottom . . Why ? Same part just added the letters to it and placed in the surface of the bottom

FYI there is free version of Netfabb, MeshMixer is fine so guess you have some problems on your end. Almost 100% of time programs are ok. Slicer looks ok but manual read would probably help. It has good reputation
Send the problem bowl to Shapeways using their free service ( cloud based) and see if they report back any problems

None of us are omniscience so giving zero info results in zero comments

Faced with fact there is a problem I wonder why it is ok. I do not recall Netfabb having analysis capability for over hangs. Meshmixer flags some of the design in red at area of possible over hangs for strength issues.
It is well known about issues with over hangs and it should be easy for OP to let slicer fix that but, some reason folks always want to blame other things. In my experience base with almost any trouble shooting protocols one does not want to make random changes .You start with most likely cause first and then work down list vs. making changes and then ask question about results in stead on finding root cause when the change is not even shown.

“Faced with fact there is a problem I wonder why it is ok”
Sorry I don´t understand the problem and so I will keep out myself of discussion. Slicing with CURA also without any problem :

I do not know what the problem was either as it kept cutting the bottom out of the part . . Then I got the Ideal of adding Text to the bottom surface to see what it did . . Don’t ask me the size of the tub.stl file got really big then and when it got sliced by Slic3r it had the printing there and all the transfer to Repeiter-Host even had the Tex in the bottom
And there it is got to be more careful with getting the centre of the item and used push Pull to make walls . .
Also took like 3 times the time to make it . . haha maybe letters were the difference
Going to use the assistant Wizard in Slic3r to make a second one and look at it to see difference . .

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@lynne: " Don’t ask me the size of the tub.stl file got really big then… "

Looks like You are playing dumb or You uploaded first the wrong file?

No the normal files are like maybe 200 k this got REAL BIG when converting to STL like 687 K biggest one I have seen so far for printing . . Something I did not expect

The file You uploaded has converted to STL (see the screenshot upwards) 48 k !!!

You uploaded this object without text !
Each letter has much more datas then this “tub” !

It´s out of question, that such big files as letters are can complicate a model - even when it´s to small scaled in SketchUp.

Let explane You that by an expert - I am a beginner.

Seems your running windows . . I use Linux and Slic3r imports stl files and makes the Layers for my 3D printer ( GeeeTech I3 pro Dual Extruder 3D printer ) and it has a heated bed . . And the part fits where it is to go can’t get bigger or it would not fit . . Tried to get the Meshmixer but it had problems some where it had un-resolved issues some file was not able to be added or was out dated and I have the latest version 15.10 Unbuntu 64 bit ( 16.04 is in testing stage ) . . And I printed out the file
tub5.stl (674.3 KB)

Even the letters on the bottom surface ( inside top of bottom ) of the part did real good job of it also using .2 mm layers for first 10 layers and last 10 layers comes out to being 21 plus mm high just a bit under an inch