.skp of hardware

I’m doing some 3d visualitation I have some things but I need help. I list some hardware and if someone will be so good and made a .skp of it i will be very thankful.

Here is hardware:
Asus sabertooth z97 white edition
Asus maximus vii hero
Gtx 980 ti water cooled ek plexi
Ek backplates for gtx 980 ti (red, blue and nickel)
Nzxt noctis 450 (in both colours (white/blue and black/red))
Corsair 760t black
G.skill trident z (red)

I know is it a lot but I have a lot of work and I don’t have much time so if someone do it it will helps me a lot. I didn’t want from you to do it form day to day but please do it and put it onto 3d warehouse.


Modeling take time and as you know, time is valuable. What value do you offer in return?

I have no intention of creating these models as I have no time.

Have you checked that none of them are already available on 3D Warehouse?

Also, since you are asking for people to model things for you, I am moving this to the commercial and collaboration category.

Do you have any intentions of paying someone for their time and efforts? Do you have links to what you need specifically modeled?

I checked 3D warehouse and nothing from these things are there. About paying. I’m rebuilding my house. My wife and I work very hard and have not much time even for my kid not 3d moddeling. So if someone want pay for work, don’t waste your time. I just want friendly help because i’m not in good situatuon.

Sorry to hear that!

Making it as easy as possible for someone to help you is a good idea. I would really recommend posting photos and details about each object you want modeled. Some people may be inclined to help, but as stated before, this is a professional job. You may be able to post on craigslist? I am sure you could snag someone even if you do not pay them too much - like a student? Who would gain experience.

You can find help, you just have to provide all the details and information and be a little creative on projects like these.