SKP 2020 Windows-11 No File Previews

I accept the fact that version 2020 is no longer supported by Trimble. Wondering if someone else has found a fix for this condition:

  • Upgraded to Windows-11
  • File Previews (not Thumbnails necessarily) do not show on File Explorer

Other file applications do show up in the Preview Window.

Have invested countless hours setting File Explorer View Options to show/hide Icons, Thumbnails and shadows, etc. to no avail.

Please let me know if someone else has encountered this challenge.

Regards to all

I believe these type of generated Thumbnails don’t work in Onedrive. It’s a limitation of Onedrive.
If you have the files in non Onedrive locations, they will show

Right. Have also looked into the OneDrive aspect but cannot put my finger on the “offline/download” files solution. Have even chimed the OneDrive forum to no avail.

Thanks for reminding me about OneDrive. Question is; why do other apps show up with Previews but not the SKP, SKP or LO format files.


OneDrive has to know how to look into the file and find the thumbnail - so the file type has to be specially supported on the cloud end.

So the long-and-the-short of the matter is that OneDrive is NOT handling the SKP files properly on the Cloud’s End. Right? There’s not much I/we can do as end users for now. Correct?