Skindigo Issues

Hello Everyone -

I’ve been using the Indigo trial version for Sketchup (Skindigo) on a mac and have been mostly happy with the results. This is a decent renderer until I can get a setup that can run Lumion. However there has been one insanely glaring issue which the Indigo boards have not been able to help me out with, so I’m posting here.

When trying to render a file that has any number of curved surfaces, (mainly pipes of any kind) Skindigo can’t even open and an Apple crash report appears immediately. I don’t even see the Skindigo viewport before it closes down. I’ve been told that I can export a scene from Sketchup and import it separately into Indigo but I’m not sure how to do that. Trying to determine if it’s the fact that I’m on a mac given the graphics limitations. Funny thing is that complex models like a car are no problem to render. Just pipes for some reason.

Anyone else use Skindigo with these issues?


No, have you tried with another computer to see if it’s the model or the installation?