Indigo renderer on sketchup 2024 version not working

Hello world ! I loved the performance upgrade on sketchup 2024 but when I tried to install my indigo renderer exporter it didn’t work, please give me info on what workaround should I do to make it work again.I’m also waiting for twinmotion and d5 render to come up with the upgrade, but I’m afraid of indigo because it’s not that popular and the developers don’t update the software for years now. It would be very disappointing not to have backwards compatibility for older plugins.

It’s up to the authors of extensions to keep them up to date as the Ruby scripting language evolves. It might be updates are coming. They generally require testing after updating so the updates usually aren’t instant.

It’s a good idea to keep the older version of SketchUp installed so you can go back to those extensions until they get updated.

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Thank you for answering ! I hope the authors would come up with an update ,If they don’t though, I hope someone on the sketchhup team allow the old indigo version to be installed

I don’t think that’s an option, all the developers must be prepared when a new sketchup version is released, most of the extensions were ready on day one, V-Ray released an update just a few hours after the release of sketchup 2024. If indigo hasn’t released an update that’s negligence on their part.

You can use sketchup 2024 and 2023 in your machine though.

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