Sketchyphysics problems


I’m rather new to Sketchup. I’m using 2015 Make. I’m trying to use Sketchyphysics 3.5.6. I made a model of a Christmas amusement park ride and I want to have Santa’s sleigh and reindeer moving around similar to a rollercoaster. I made a basic box with wheels and it rolls just fine on the track I made. I downloaded a 3D model titled “Santa Claus and Rudolph reindeer sleigh” by:psaf. I tried to put wheels on it to make it roll and it won’t work. When I hit play it points upwards and sporadically floats around. I clicked on explode then I made it a group but I can’t seem to make it coast down the track.
Please help I would greatly appreciate it! I need to have this done soon to convey the basic concept to someone at the end of January.


You have to select proper SP shapes for the parts of the model.