SketchVR interact tool not working

So I designed a showroom in VR for a client and I had the doors able to be opened using the interact tool in the SketchVR plugin. I then moved on to a new client project and it’s all finished, I hopped in to see the end product but none of my dynamic components are opening with the interact tool in SketchVR. I made them all “onClick” functions as the first project. SketchVR doesn’t even seem to notice that they are dynamic at all, they won’t highlight to indicate. I tried making all the components unique, I have them grouped as the following, “Door>handle” only two simple models in the each component. Any help would be great as I have to present this to them tomorrow at noon.

I do have multiple commands, I have it set to rotate on the Z axis and move position on the X-axis. I didn’t do this in the first project.

EDIT: The issue was that you can’t have a positional function with a rotate function. They must counter each other, once I removed the positional value, it worked. However, would anyone know how to solve this? I would like for the door to move forward upon opening, its a kitchen door so it’s on a 110-degree hinge.

Use a seperator (“;”) in between the onclick functions:

Yes, I know that, It works in sketchup, it just doesnt work with the SketchVR interact tool. I guess it;s a plugin issue. I am sure they will fix it soon.