Sketchup with Maxwell - mxm material files and directory structure

Hi everyone.
I have a question for Sketchup users, who also use Maxwell Render to make their rendering.
I don’t use visualizations of my projects very often, but when I do this I use Maxwell Render. Many years ago I’ve choose that.
And I still have some problems with the materials localization.
All materials in my Sketchup have the same names as * .mxm files in Maxwell.
I noticed that *.mxm materials which are directly under the “mxm files” directory, which is the default directory in Maxwell, are automaticly loaded every time I run Sketchup. And that’s great.
If, however, mxm files are in subdirectories of the “mxm files” directory (and each of them have its textures near - in the specific subdirectory), than I must always recall them manually in Skecthup, and it is very tedious.
The problem is that I can’t put them all in the main directory, because it is not legible and sometimes texture files from different materials have the same names, so they would have to be separate.
I would like to ask you how you deal with this problem.
How do you store mxm materials? How do you catalog them? Does your Sketchup automatically recall them?
I’m using Sketchup 2019 and Maxwell 5.
I also noticed a problem with some materials after transferring them from Maxwell ver. 3.1 to Maxwell ver 5. - Textures had to be pointed out by hand, so I thought it would be best if the materials and textures were directly on the C: drive. Then, even after the software version change, the texture directory names in the mxm files remain the same. The problem is than, that sketchup will not retrieve them automatically in such a case.
How to avoid these problems. How the structure and arrangement of materials should look like for Maxwell and Sketchup.
How does it look on your computers?

I would be grateful for any advice.