Sketchup + Vray Render (queue) manager


Is there a render manager, besides Vray Distributed Rendering, which supports Sketchup and VRay?
I`ve looked everywhere (Qube PipelineFX, Thinkbox Deadline, RenderPal) and found that they seem to support either Sketchup or VRay, but not both of them.

Any help is much appreciated.
Many thanks!


Have you tried Thomas Thomassen’s V-Ray Tools² ?

It requires his TTLib2:


@DanRathbun he is talking about render managers. To monitor several computers and your tasks.

I heard Deadline 7.2 have integrated SketchUp and V-Ray together. Seems it is in beta test period.


Thank you all for the answers!
@anme Ive also heard that about Deadline and cant wait for the trial.

Many thanks!


have you found something?