Sketchup Viewer won't load file on iPad

How do I reduce the file size of my sketchup model so it will load on my iPad with Sketchup Viewer?

  • purge all unused components, materials, etc. The model info statistics purge can do this. there are also extensions that do a more thorough job and tell you what they removed.
  • eliminate unnecessary details, especially things that won’t be visible such as interior parts of objects.
  • check whether there are overly complex “entourage” objects with large numbers of edges and faces. One way to do this is using my Statistics Probe extension from SketchUcation. Either replace them with simpler ones or edit them to reduce their level of detail.
  • check for materials with large texture images. Edit them in your photo editor to downsize them. This is especially important if they are applied so that there are a lot of image pixels per visible area. The Goldilocks extension can point out culprits.

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