Sketchup Viewer -sketchup gets hyperdrive!

A hologram type viewer has been quietly added to sketchup viewer, this is one of the most powerful add ons in sketchups history,

It now has hyperdrive !

For most projects it would in practice be a client side app, an incredibly powerful tool to see all areas in 3D and resolve details and problems

One glitch here, clients won’t have a Trimble License to use the hologram tool!, thats a fail guys

Could a work around be added ?

I haven’t tried this running with zoom so that may be a way forwards for future revisions to hand control to a 3rd party whilst discussing a solution in conference

Definitely one for Aaron to cover on his fireside chats as it puts sketchup in the next galaxy

I posted an image onto facebook yesterday and nobody had seen anything like it

Great achievement, and we’ll done

Ian Cole

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You mean the AR-mode in the mobile Viewers? Great stuff, huh! It’s almost like walking through. It has been there for a while now, though. Only available for Subscribers (Trial, too) and if you purchase the app in the store (Apple/Android).
Nice model, btw!

Small correction about how you wrote that. The AR feature is included for subscribers, and also for anyone who pays Google or Apple the $10 per year subscription to add AR to the otherwise free mobile app. If you’re a subscriber you don’t have to pay that $10 to get AR, you only have to be signed in with the email you use for your SketchUp subscription.

Colin , thats a great help , I shall talk it through with my client on Monday

Clients are never tech savy

The AR function needs to be promoted a lot harder

We are all going to have to use the new nested tabs function to condense down to max 8 tabs and make it client friendly

Thanks for your help here

Regards Ian Cole