Sketchup Viewer no measuring in the windows version

Often I have to share Sketchup drawings with other people. For example in the workshop. There we build our plant using the Sketchup model. For this you need the Sketchup Viewer with measurement function. Unfortunately Sketchup Viewer for Windows does not have a measuring function. But the one for Apple does. This is really ■■■■. The majority of the professional world uses Windows computers. I have to install the trial version of Sketchup at customers and suppliers. Over and over again, every 30 days. A permanent annoyance.
I had already written this to Sketchup Support. They told me to post it in the forum because the developers sometimes look into the forum. Also not great if you want to report a bug.

Both the Windows and Mac versions of the desktop Viewer lack the functionality to measure.

The viewer in Trimble connect does have that possibility, and more. A lot of professionals use it (even on Mac or IOS!)