Sketchup viewer for Mac

I have a client who I wanted to send files to but the latest version of the viewer does not support Mac OS high Sierra 10.13.6.

is it possible to obtain the older versions.
I can hardly demand a client update their computer to accommodate my “strange” software

I don’t know of any source for an older version of the viewer, I thought perhaps there might be an old installer lurking on cnet or something but a moment of googling found nothing. It might still be out there but it’s unlikely it would read the new file format introduced in 21 anyway. Mac High Sierra is now about 5 years old it’s unlikely any effort will be made to make the viewer backward compatible.

You could send the client the .skp file which they can open and navigate using SketchUp Free online, however they will have full access to the file. You could explore Trimble Connect as a vehicle for sharing. There is also an iOS viewer if they have a phone or ipad?

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2020 viewer for Mac can be found here

I think this was the last version that can be used.

The other option is to use Trimble Connect and share the mode via that - this runs in a browser so nothing needs installing,

There are even more fun things you can do if you have an iPad as you can export your model as a USDZ which is a 3D format natively supported by most Apple IOS and MacOS devices (including high sierra) , so you can drop it in iMessage or an email and a client can view it as a little model or even in AR.