SketchUp Viewer does not start (crashes)

I used Viewer before without issues, but recently it started crashing.
When I start it, screen goes black for 5 seconds and then I get back to apps list.

I use Honor 9 phone with Android 9 (EMUI 9.1.0)

Are there any logs or something I could check?

There was an update to both the Android and iOS apps yesterday. Would be worth checking your’ on 5.1 and not 5.0.1.

I have an Honor Android phone for testing. It’s Android 8, but I’ll test it when the phone has enough charge.

I uninstalled SketchUp Viewer from my Honor phone, and reinstalled it. Found out there was an update later on yesterday about a crashing issue with Android 8. It did in fact crash for my at one point, I will report that. But aside from my phone not supporting AR, it seems to be working ok.

I just checked (should’ve thought to include in original post), it’s 5.1. Decided to try reinstall one more time, no change in behavior.

Your one is iOS, that hasn’t changed. I tried my iPhone and iPad, and neither have a red progress bar stage. Both connect ok even if I am signed out.

iOS has had a screen recording feature for a while, could you show a screen recording of what happens?


Strangely enough, the app started working yesterday without me doing anything. Although, I’m not sure if the app got updated tonight…