SketchUp Viewer Bootleg?

While trying to answer someone’s question about SketchUp for iPad, we got on the subject of the SketchUp app vis-a-vis SketchUp Viewer. When I checked the app store to confirm some discrepancies, I happened upon this:
It has a copyright date of 2022, so it’s been uploaded this year, yet it’s using the old SketchUp logo. I’m wondering if this is legitimate or some, if you’ll pardon the expression, knock off?

It seems to be an individual who has done something. As it doesn’t function unless you sign up for a trial of the $58 per year subscription, I didn’t go through and check what features it has. It is marked for use on Apple Silicon Macs.

@MikeTadros You can find the app in either the Mac App Store or the App Store by searching for “skp model design browser”

Thanks @wataru.kannuzuki for reporting this. This is NOT a legitimate app.

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