SketchUp Tutorial — How to Model Hard Things (7 tips)

Have you ever gotten stuck trying to model something difficult in SketchUp? We’ve just published a new SketchUp tutorial video on our YouTube channel that will teach you 7 fundamental concepts you should know that will help you tackle advanced modeling challenges.

Inside this video, we cover these 7 key concepts:

  1. SketchUp Uses Polygons
  2. Connected Polygons Create Meshes
  3. The Shape, Orientation & Number of Polygons Matters
  4. Every 3D Object is Wrapped in a Mesh
  5. Wrapped Meshes Can Have Edge Loops
  6. Follow Me Creates Edge Loops
  7. Use Intersect Faces to Create Edge Loops

You can watch the new video on our YouTube channel here:

When you get a chance, watch the video and then be sure to let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks!