Polygon theory help

what exactly make a polygon… is 1 polygon = to 1 face or can a face have numerous polys if it is complex?

Geometrically, a polygon is a closed plane figure with many sides. A SketchUp face is a similar plane figure, but with a few special aspects:

  • In SketchUp, a sequence of edges defining a boundary of a face is called a “loop”. A face can have exactly one outer loop defining its outermost boundary and possibly multiple inner loops defining holes. Most geometers do not allow a polygon to have holes.
  • Some geometers allow the chain of edges to self-intersect. SketchUp breaks edges wherever they cross, so self-intersection automatically produces new face(s) whose loops organize the new edges.

And no, a single face can not contain multiple polygons except in the sense of outer and inner loops.

thanks, I made a monster and was wondering if it was the shape and detail in the faces that was driving
the # of polys, based on your explanation that’s clearly not the issue

Well, actually, since SketchUp faces must be planar it is likely that the shape and detail are driving the number of faces hence the number of polys. Unless a surface is flat, it can’t be covered by a single face. Complex curves require a lot of faces.