Sketchup, Trimble & Digital Engineering (Data Capture, Asset Operations/Maintenance)


Can Sketchup shine some light on plans with trimble and if there will be some focus on proprietary trimble applications that support perhaps point cloud importing/remodelling (trimble Scan Explorer) and asset information integration on cloud management platform.

I have just stepped into the Civil Engineering world and there is a lot of talk on digital engineering and the integration of asset/operations management data into 3D BIM for maintenance after the asset is constructed. I know this is ‘sort of’ well established in construction but in civil were looking at data integration with things like Light Posts, Manholes, Underground servicing. Most of these are modelled on CAD based platforms like Sketchup. Anyone else looking into data integration for a 3D model produced with Sketchup?, using Trimble data capture software/hardware?.

I am really hoping more of this DE/BIM content is talked about more in the future on the Sketchup Blog/Videos.

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