Trimble/SketchUp soliciting third-party companies, for brand name components

Does anyone know if the SketchUp Team at Trimble has considered (or ideally is) soliciting manufacturers to acquire file copies of various products respective to what a given manufacturer produces? Case in point, my modeling revolves around various aspects of planning (i.e. integrated planning, site/campus planning, corridor planning, etc.), civil engineering, and architecture. Given that nearly all of the elements I bring into the model are directly tied to manufacturing (water main, sewer, electrical/data, natural gas/lpg, doors, windows, etc.), it would certainly make sense that more manufacturers would want to be made aware of this opportunity to promote their products in the 3D Warehouse. And if they were to embed metadata into these various components (i.e. dimensions and other specs, unit cost of a door respective to the total number of that particular door in the model, etc.), this would allow for construction/project cost estimates to be put together more time efficiently when firms are responding to Request For Proposals (RFPs) and so on. E.G. Public Utility - Water Main