SketchUp To Hitfilm - Part 2

Hello! Newbie here. I just made a simple house in SketchUp Make using this tutorial:

I’m able to successfully transfer the house model to Hitfilm (video editor) after converting the exported DAE to FBX.

However, if I add planters from the 3D Warehouse to the scene then the transfer to Hitfilm fails. Hitfilm basically crashes.

Is there something I need to learn about exporting SketchUp scenes with multiple models? Or maybe 3D Warehouse files?

Many thanks for any advice.

Alas you are going to find that a LOT of items in the 3D Warehouse are just trash. Either poorly modeled or just simply converted to SU format from another 3D file. Might be best to just model them yourself from scratch :frowning:

I would guess that the plants you added have so many polygons that Hitfilm cannot handle them, especially if you placed many instances of them. Even within SketchUp, it is usually not feasible to build a forest out of detailed 3D plant models.

Well he said “planters” and I assumed he meant…a planter container and NOT a plant. If he needs some plants then grab some freebies from xFrog :wink:

Ah, I see, thanks. Dang, I was assuming all 3D warehouse models were made in SketchUp and so would be the same quality as models I might make in SketchUp.

If the 3D Warehouse is just another directory of random 3D models from anybody anywhere then, well… not so great. That’s too bad as that’s going to dramatically limit the usefulness of SketchUp, for me at least.

I will say the models that wouldn’t import in to Hitfilm did work in SketchUp, which I guess is the point of the 3D Warehouse.

It might be nice to have a warning when you’re about to download a model, that alerts you to the fact that the model has bad reviews. That way you don’t eat into your 100 model daily limit just finding one good model.

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My suggestion would be to limit the 3D Warehouse to models made in SketchUp.

I’m new to SketchUp, but so far everything I’ve made in SketchUp goes perfectly and effortlessly in to Hitfilm. I’ve been playing around with 3D for about 3 years and have never had such a reliable experience with models.

Point being, if the 3D Warehouse could meet the same quality standard as the SketchUp app it would seem to be a unique and very valuable resource. If it’s instead just another model directory by anybody from anywhere, kind of a waste of time.

As example, I recently spent about half a day testing models from TurboSquid, which is supposed to be one of the better model directories. I could only get about 10-15% of the models in to Hitfilm. I should add the TurboSquid team seems to be quite nice folks, but that doesn’t make the models work.

All that said, I get the point of the 3D Warehouse is to provide models for SketchUp, not Hitfilm.

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