SketchUp to 3D PDF

Hi guys

I am trying to follow the steps showed here:

Short story: (Win7,x64)
-Install MashLab
-install MikTex (DO NOT INSTALL IN PROGRAM FILES, choose something like C:\Utils\MikTex2.9)
-export your Sketchup test file as vrlm file
-in MashLab: Import Mesh -open your vrlm file
-Export Mesh as u3d file
-Open the u3d file with MikTex and click on the top left side green arrow AFTER selecting pdfLatex

The above work with no errors but I get an empty pdf with the name of the file in the middle
Can anybody test the above steps and help me to find a solution?

Note: I am aware of the Sketchup extensions that are available here for this purpose but I would like to make the above work. Any help will be much appreciated

Hmm after a couple of attempts this finally worked. You need to open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF XChange won’t see it )

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