Open or Copy 3D .pdf File in SketchUp


So, someone sent me a 3D model made in Adobe saved as a .pdf and I was wondering if it’s possible to somehow open or copy the model into SketchUp. Is this possible? Or is it a lot more complicated than I think?

Thank you.

Windows version doesn’t have the pdf import ability.
Even if it did, I do not think it is a 3D import.

This article is a way to convert pdf for import.

Not sure what is in the adobe 3D file, or what adobe product made it? Some adobe emulate a 3D look but aren’t truly 3D geometry,but it might be that you ask for it to be exported from the adobe platform in another format like 3DS if that’s possible?

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You would need a third party converter to convert a 3D PDF to a format SketchUp can understand. A quick search only produced converters that work from other formats to PDF, not in the opposite direction. Note too that the PDF file is usually much less accurate than the CAD original.

According to their website the Tetra 4D Converter can export from PDF to, for instance, STEP but you would still need some other application to convert that further.

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you may want use the SimLab 3D PDF importer plugin for SketchUp (trial avail.: 30 times/2 weeks).

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I would second that.
I use several SimLab plugins and they are all well designed.