SketchUp Studio Trial - Export

SketchUp studio trial export… HELP

Can you only export .png and .stl files during the SketchUp Studio 30 day trial (web)?

I ask because I’m still in the trial window, however the system is letting me export in .fbx format

Problem: I’m having issues importing the .fbx file I saved on SketchUp Web (trial) to another platform. . . so I wondering if the .fbx export is missing info because of trial or is it not working because I screwed something up in my design?

Thx for the help!

What platform are you trying to import the FBX into? Being on the trial version doesn’t limit what the exporters can do.

I’m trying to upload .fbx files to Zappar Studio 6.

When I import the .fbx file, I receive the error message: SyntaxError: Unexpected token F in JSON a position 0.

I might be missing texture files… not sure…thoughts

I see various issues with import FBX into ZapWorks. You could try Obj, or you could take the FBX through Autodesk’s FBX converter, maybe a different version of FBX would do better.

Also try the triangulate all faces export option.

Here’s the Autodesk FBX Converter downloads page:

Thanks for looking into this. . .

Zapworks requires Obj + Mtl so I don’t think that would work either

I’ll look into using Autodesk FBX Converter