SketchUp shop menu

I am new to sketch up. Just purchase sketch up shop .

How come I do not see the menu bar?

There is no menu bar like there is in the desktop versions. Most of the tools for working in the model are accessed from the toolbar on the left side and the panels for things like Entity Info, Model Info, Materials, etc. are on the right side.

How can I create group?

Select the geometry, right click on it and choose Make Group. Same as in the desktop versions.

How can I change the material into transparency?
I am using sketch up shop on MacBook Pro

Select the In Model material and click on the Edit button.
Screenshot - 10_29_2020 , 1_51_47 PM

Then adjust the Opacity slider. Click Done at the bottom when finished.

There is no edit button in the material section.

If you are using SketchUp Shop and looking at the In Model materials, yes there is an Edit button.

Screenshot - 10_29_2020 , 1_51_47 PM