Sketchup Shop - How to draw a Lap Joint

Hi Guys,
I’m using Sketchup Shop & I’m drawing a large round Shaker Box (size 205 mm high x 300 mm diameter) made from 3 mm plywood. There is a vertical lap joint on the side of the box which is fixed with 6 No. 10 mm metal studs. The leading edge of the lap joint is also curved.

Can someone tell me the best way to draw the lap joint, as I’m having trouble!

Mike Lukjaniec

The Shaker boxes I’m familiar with are elliptical in plan view and made of thin pieces of solid wood with the ends being tapered to create a long scarf joint so maybe I’m not thinking of the same thing.What I think you are describing though can be shown in an exploded sort of view but you can only insinuate the joint in the assembled box by drawing edges. It won’t actually separate the ends like they would be in the real material.

Here’s what I get from your description. Does that show what you have in mind?

If that’s it, I used Offset to create a circle on the rim of the box 1.5mm in from the outside. That represents the face of the lap joint. The ends are made with the Line tool drawing from that offset edge to the inner and outer edges. I drew a vertical line down the box also to represent the end of the piece. Then I erased the unneeded part of the offset edge. Again, this won’t really divide the geometry.

FWIW, this is what I generally think of when I think of a Shaker box.


A few years back, Tim Killen did a series of entries about modeling a Shaker box on the “Design.Click.Build” blog at Here’s a link to his first entry:

Tim’s a pretty thorough modeler and strives for authenticity.

It is a very traditional form of wooden vessel. In Finnish it is called “Vakka”, and part of our country (Vakka-Suomi) carries word in its name. From the middle ages until the industrial age people there made all kinds of wooden vessels for export.

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