Sketchup pro- site imagery download

I have a couple problems and would appreciate any help or advice

  1. I paid for a high res site imagery download but have been unable to actually download it
  2. I have reached out to tech support 3 times (over the past 10 days) with no response
    Anyone else having these issues? Or is it just me :frowning:


I checked, and could see your order for the high res tiles, and I can also see that the download hasn’t happened yet.

I read your support notes. Do you still have SketchUp 2020.2 installed? If you do, try using add location in that version. If you don’t, and are willing to give it a try, the 2020 installer is here:

Windows SketchUp 2020.2

Hi Colin
Thanks for getting back to me. I installed Sketchup Pro 2020 and got the same error message as with Pro 2021. When I downloaded the first time I was in an untitled Sketchup file- might that be the problem?