Sketchup Pro - Pallete toolbar does not work for Mac users

You cannot arrange tool palletes compared to Windows OS.

That has always been the case because it is the standard behavior of macOS.

Thanks for reply. Can Sketchup handle this problem so that there is no difference in the environment between Win and Mac users? I just started using Sketchup first days and I can’t work according to the tutorials, set up the user environment. The software has even crashed several times without a backup. I am quite disappointed :confused:

The Windows version of SketchUp was converted from native Windows GUI libraries to the portable Qt library in 2023. Reportedly the conversion is being worked for macOS now. When that is complete, the Mac and Windows versions should be much more alike, though it seems likely the match will never be 100%.

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So being more patient is necessary for now, we’ll see. Thank you for reply.