Sketchup Pro Future?

IMHO: Google’s ownership period was a crime against the @last software SU I first used…

they bought it because it worked with Google Earth, and they thought by giving it away, ‘we’ would all populate GE with free models that they could use to collect data and sell on…

They severely neglected the Pro customers, and allowed ‘free’ users to compete ‘commercially’, for their entire regime…

I much prefer Trimble as custodians…



Ok, apparent altruism…

And in addition to John’s comments, Google would have let SketchUp go the way it has done a lot of other programs it bought. When those programs ceased to serve Google, they killed them. Reference: If Trimble hadn’t come along and purchased SketchUp, I expect it would be on that list, too. I’m also much happier with Trimble owning it.



As a concept designer, generally using only basic SU tools and not selling modelling services, I was shielded from these market force issues.

Do you think there is still much of an issue with the competition between free and pro versions?

There still seem to be plenty of Make users who are using it commercially. Every so often another one pops up here on the forum. There was one yesterday, in fact.


and here is a much shorter list:


Thanks to Trimble stepping up. :wink:


Well, as long as it stays off the “killed by Trimble” listing we should be good :wink:

Shouldn’t that page say “Get Pro 2019” by now anyway? C’mon Team SketchUp, “drop it like it’s hot”!

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One last thought for this thread, because I feel like this topic comes up frequently:

I can guarantee you that the SketchUp team is just as invested in the product as all of you power users. If it ever becomes obvious to us that Trimble is trying to kill the product, there will be a major outcry. It’s not the sort of thing that will stay a secret for very long.

With that said, from what I’ve seen in person over the past six years, Trimble has been nothing but 100% committed to growing the team and the product.



Is it only me or is it weird that @Marc looks like an apostle…:joy:

Just trying to lighten things up.


There could be an interesting story behind his icon portrait - it’s certainly a little more personal than the usual cartoon cutout figures used in the SU template.

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To further lighten things up…I have often wondered what is draped over his shoulder…today it made me think of this old commercial…FoxHat


This may sound like a dumb question but if SketchUp releases SU 2019 more than half way into the next year will they rename it SU 2020? I’m going to assume that the imminent release of SU 2019 will be in the next few weeks but maybe there are some major changes that will require further testing and hence even more delays.

I am really hoping to see some significant changes to Layout. Given the delays in the release date I am fairly certain that this iteration will be a much more significant upgrade that the previous two years.

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I’d rather imagine SketchUp 19¾:


I’ve also thought of that. Maybe we get the earliest release ever :stuck_out_tongue: .


Been using sketchup for 12 years & pro for many of those. If i’m not mistaken (it wouldn’t be the first time) this will be the first year without a new version? So I can understand people’s concerns & disappointment. With that said… still 12 days left!

you are, nothing in 2012/2011/2009/2006 either.


They never said, there would be a new version every year, only that you have to pay every year…


That was back when the versions had incrementing numbers, not years, in them.

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correct but still valid.