SketchUp Pro as the best way start architecture


I am deleting all my posts in this forum.


I am deleting all my posts in this forum.


Pick four…
• Speed
• Ease of Use
• Stylish UI
• Extensibility
• Low Cost


I wouldn’t characterise the icons in Revit any more “professional” (it has even some quite daft ones) than the ones in SketchUp, and its general interface follows the “Hello Kitty” scheme of Microsoft Word.
As to working in 3D, Revit, AutoCad and Archicad seem to borrow much of their interface from SketchUp.

There are a zillion ways to start an architectural project and creating a flashy 3D sculpture that you then slice to get the spaces in is just one of them, and, suitable only for particular kinds of projects.

A pink pen can be loaded with black ink. Someday you might understand this.



I am deleting all my posts in this forum.


I am deleting all my posts in this forum.


I am deleting all my posts in this forum.


there have been ‘Theming’ plugins for SU, and even a ‘Ribbon’ one…

In my opinion they all looked ghastly, but each to their own…

on a mac you can replace all the icons with your own designs, but I’ve never seen anyone bother…

I find it aesthetically refreshing compared to many programs…



I am deleting all my posts in this forum.


I am deleting all my posts in this forum.


if you use shortcut keys you don’t need to use drop down menu’s and you [nor your clients] see the Toolbar icons…

BTW: I thought you received a refund for your licence and moved to C4D?

is the appeal of SU to much to resist?



Well, I’m an architect and draft on sketchup all the time.

I actually started sketchup because of mass studies in Revit… then I found out that sketchup could do all the things I needed from revit.

I also agreed with you. Mickey mouse look VS Pro look. And I guess I still do. However, I’m more pro than I’ve ever been now that I’m using SU, even if SU doesn’t look like pro.

Geo’s list composed my way:

  • Ability to do all an Architect needs (This architect at least…)
  • Ease of Use
  • Speed
  • Extensibility
  • Low Cost
  • Friendly Community
  • Impressive integration with render engines
  • Easy for a Client to use too.
  • Stylish UI


I am an architect too and agree 100% with JQL.


How do you go about converting a SU mass to a Revit
project? Do you just get the dimensions from the SU mass
and then start a Revit project from them? Or do you import
the SU lines into Revit and try to snap Revit elements to
those imported lines?


Sorry but this completely makes no sense to me.
Can anyone interpret that?


Haven’t you used Revit? Revit can import whole SU models and snap its elements on imported faces. No problem.

If you were a “real” architect by your own definition, it would be a snap for you to learn C4D.

Many “real” architects wouldn’t touch computers with a bargepole-they hire others to use them…
That is why you should learn C4D-it will look better on your CV than SketchUp, also because the “real” architect might have heard of SketchUp and think that anyone can use it.



I’ve been using Revit for 10 years. I’m an Autodesk Revit Elite Expert at the Revit forum. It never was a good idea to snap Revit elements to imported lines, although that WILL get the job done, because imported lines are not the same accuracy as Revit lines. I have created many projects from imported lines but I import them into a SEPARATE session
of Revit for reference and measuring.

I’m a Revit drafter, I work for architects.

Real architects will use the computer for information, but
not for any kind of line drafting. It’s basically been that way
for over 100 years. That’s what drafters do. The architects
I work for view my monitor as I work, but they never take
control of my mouse and keyboard.


The question for me now, since I’m adopting SU
for V-Ray rendering, is would I also like to learn to
do massing with SU instead of Revit massing like
I’ve been doing for many years. That push-pull
business is interesting.


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