Sketchup pro 2019

I need help figuring how to install meshOut.rsb into SketchUp pro 2019. I use Sketchup for a lot of things, Just got this program 2019, and it’s not set up like the older ones, can’t find the plugins, and the plugin tab doesn’t display in the menu. this is what I mean. 2e0fd9fc1cfe868ae3d46794755539f0
If you know how I can figure this out much appreciated.

Where did you get this “meshOut.rsb”? Should it be "meshOut.rbs?

Normally extensions are either installed through the Extension Warehouse which you access through the Window menu or you download them from their source as .rbz files. If you are downloading them to your computer, installation is done by going to Window>Extension Manager and clicking on the Install Extension button. Then navigate to where you saved it, select it and choose Open…

Do not copy plugins/extensions from older versions of SketchUp unless you relish the thought of spending time chasing loading errors. The Ruby version has changed several times since there was a Plugins menu and most older extensions will need to have been updated in order to run in the current version of SketchUp.

There’ll be no Extensions menu until you’ve installed some extensions that should show up in the menu.

It must be quite a while since you last updated SketchUp. The Plugins menu was changed to Extensions a number of versions back.

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As @DaveR noted, you may end up chasing load errors. However, you can zip up the meshOut.rbs file into a zipfile (i.e., and then rename it to meshOut.rbz. You can then use the Extension Manager (Window >> Extension Manager) to try to install it. As @DaveR also mentioned, it should appear under the Extensions tab (which replaced the Plugins tab) … however, some extensions may install under the Tools or File tabs.

Well, I’m using SketchUp 8 and I belong to an outfit called IMVU, I’m a creator there, I make clothing, furniture, rooms, homes, and clubs. now, these are a screenshot of how the meshout.rbs is used, t

This is what the .rbs file is used for.

It adds all these nodes into the model to be used in IMVU, plus it also exports it into the correct format for IMVU, I wanted to update from 8 to 2019, but if you guys changed this and I can’t use your program then I guess I’ll have to delete it and not update. I like the new program but it’s useless to me if I cant use the meshOut.rbs. You should update your message program so that there is no limitation and we can explain completely that the problem is.

You should contact the people who made your meshOut plugin and ask if they have an updated version that works with current versions of SketchUp. The Ruby programming interface has had several updates since version 8 so many plugins created for that version do not work any more.


I didn’t change anything.

I’ve never seen any one report any limitations to the forum that prevent them from completely explaining a problem. Be specific about what limitations.

The people who wrote the meshout extension need to update it.

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“MeshOut” seems to be somewhat old…
I can’t see any detailed update for about a decade [ i.e. SketchUp v7 ! ].
But the most recent posts from 2017 might be slightly more helpful…
But I don’t fully understand why you have locked yourself into this somewhat obscure, and now probably outdated, ‘weird’ toolset ?

If you try to run it in newer versions of SketchUp with the Ruby Console open, then are there any error messages ??

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From the thread you linked to TIG. it looks as though it’s a no go after version 2013:


thessa wrote:

SketchUp has a new update…do we have to update this? SketchUp Pro 2016

Answer” “I wouldn’t, 2013 is the latest version that works with meshout the last time I checked and I haven’t found any other exporters that work for sketchup. I do keep a copy of 2013 and 2015 installed though but I only use 2013 for IMVU related meshes.”

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Well I had 2013 and was using it but one day it said it had expired and wouldn’t let me use it any more.

well it said i can’t add links to the message then it tells me I can only add one picture for new members bull Ive been a member for years at least 13 years., that limited my info a lot.

… only a Pro edition trial would say this when the trial period runs out.
SketchUp Make 2013 would not ever “expire”.

However, there was a message sent that the 3D Warehouse and possibly Extension Warehouse no longer support older versions such as v2013. This is because the websites needed to be updated with new technology and those older SketchUp versions ran old outdated browser windows that do not support the newer web technologies. But, the rest of these older version(s) will still work.

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Sorry, but THIS forum opened in summer of 2014. Looking at your profile it states you joined 3 DAYS ago. (Just FYI, there have been 3 or 4 official forum websites over the years that SketchUp has been owned by at least 3 companies.)

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thats cause something screwed up with my user name or password think it was my user name and had to open a new account. They also took away the 3D warehouse from sketchup 8 and that sucks why would the screw thousands of people like that. everyone I know is so pist off with that.

The reason was as I explained above.

Yes I can see users who want it to continue may feel this way.

Well, it costs to maintain the repository with all those separate versions of every file. Since most users of these older versions of SketchUp are not paying customers, they could no longer justify the expense.

So, Trimble made the decision that the 3D Warehouses would be sync’d up with the technical support policy for the application, which is only the most recent 3 versions are supported.

However, you can still navigate to the 3D Warehouse outside of SketchUp and download a Collada file of any component, and then import that into SketchUp.

In addition, some older versions can still search the 3DW through the Components inspector and insert the correct “older” version components into SketchUp. I’m not sure how far back that goes, but it does work for v2016 (the oldest I have installed.) The reason this works is because the browser window controls are not used for the Components inspector panel.

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I’m not pist (sic) off. But I guess that would be because I’ve updated yearly.

Are you also pissed off that “meshOut.rbs”. has not updated for years?

Just saying…

And why don’t you just use whatever the latest version is and down save to V8, that works with your “meshOut.rbs”?


I have sent you a PM about MeshOut, which might help you…