Sketchup Pro 2017 running on 2017 MBP and 2017 iMacs. Anyone still having issues?

I am an architect and I have been a long time sketchup user and I am currently on a mid 2013 , core i7 iMac ( running windows on boot camp) and have never had any issue with it on the windows side of things. Do have a mid 2012 MBP ( Nvidia graphics, core i7) as well which also manages to run skp pretty well on the macOS. The use of sketchup on the laptop is just at home for minor things, or just viewing …not much editing. Do my main work on the desktop, where I need to keep 4-5 skp files of 50-150 mb size, on at the same time. Had found doing extensive handling of sketchup easier on the windows side of things
I am looking to upgrade all the hardware now that kabylake is available. Just wondering what experiences people are having using sketchup on the new Apple hardware ( MBP & iMacs ). How does sketchup behave on the PC vs on the MacOS …
I am surely getting the new iMac. Just wondering if I should get the new MBP or try some other laptop. Although I really really love the MBP experience I’ve had since 2012.
Would really appreciate if people could share their experiences.

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