Recommended computers for Sketchup: 2018 macbook pro or iMac?

Has anyone tried installing Sketchup on the newly released Macbook pro or iMac computers?

Yes. No problems.

Yes - v2018 SU Pro on both iMac Pro (High Sierra) and Macbook Pro Touch Bar. Works fine on both.

Thank you for your messages…Which computer have you chosen to do your Sketchup work?- Elizabeth

Both. SketchUp really works the same on both. Having a super-powerful computer doesn’t really add anything to the process so much. I use the iMac Pro more for rendering which requires more CPU/GPU horsepower. BTW I use the 15" version which I believe comes with more options than the 13".

I use SU Pro 2018 on a 2012 iMac, a 2015 MBP, and a 2018 MBP and it works the same on all of them without any issues at all.