SketchUp or not?

Do you also see similarities in the image on the left page with images made in SketchUp?

PS. Image was created probably ~10 years before SketchUp :slight_smile:

In the background, that is… Bryce!

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Any idea what it was done with?

I think their own software SOM AES

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Alias Upfront, too, had quite a similar look and feel as SketchUp. I think it was first written for Silicon Graphics Unix workstations and later ported to PC.

You mean this is not SOM AES?

In the book “100 Years of Architectural Drawing: 1900 2000” there is also one image similar to this from SOM office and in description is written that they used SOM AES. I searched a lot to see how this SOM AES looked like but did not find.

No, you are probably right. I used to play with a trial of Upfront in the early 90’s but it was way too expensive then (and quite prone to crash). When I first saw SketchUp its display with the visible edges and realtime hidden line view reminded me quite much of Upfront. I am not sure but I seem to remember that the two have some kind of link.