SketchUp not working with Vray toon material

Applying any Vray material to Sketchup objects works fine, but when I try to apply Toon material (which requires a base material) it doesn’t work. I tired everything and this is a list of what I tried:

  • enabled shadows on the SketchUp object
  • disabled texture image in material editor
  • added generic base material
  • lowered the overlap threshold
  • double checked vray exceptions in Windows Firewall Defender
  • reinstalled the software
  • checked relevant forums (only two relevant posts, one got it fixed when they lowered the overlap threshold to zero, and the other simply restarted their computer and the problem disappeared)

Nothing seems to help in my case get this simple Toon material feature work. SketchUp objects take any material from the material editor and from Vray asset editor, but not the Vray Toon material for some strange reason.

Any ideas on the cause and the solution for this strange problem?

You should provide more information about Vray version you are using and show screenshot of model where are you trying to use this material.

Here is my try, Sketchup 2019 and Vray next.

PS. Here is dedicated forum for Vray users from Chaosgroup

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