SketchUp Newb - How to draw faces?

Trying to draw a concrete drain for a rain chain, but when I cut the hole thru the middle for the drainage pipe, I lost the top faces. Is there any easy way to recreate them?

Most likely there is. There’s probably a way to prevent losing the face in the first place. Seeing your model would make it possible to tell you.

Not sure how to attach the file. Here’s a Dropbox link.

For future reference, while editing a reply you can either drag-n-drop a file into the reply text and it will upload (wait until it finishes) or use the upload button (7th from left at the top of the reply edit window) to select a file. There is a 3MB limit on file size this way, but your example is well below that.

I’m working on my phone at the moment but I’ll try to describe the way I’d handle that task.

First, draw block with the angled faces and no hole. Then draw a circle on the bottom for the hole and use Push/Pull to extrude the hole up through the top surfaces. Go up a couple of inches above it. Select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then delete the top of the cylinder above the block and erase the unneeded edges and face skinning over the hole.Rain Chain.skp (110.8 KB)

Awesome! That did it! Thank you very much!!!

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