Sketchup modelling callouts

I’ve searched online but cannot find any reference specifcally related to various callout one sees when drawing and inferencing, most are selfexplanatory, others are not so clear! is there annything that I an refer to for a fulelr explanation

Have you tried using the Instructor panel? That gives info on the tool you are using and provides links to online documentation.

Do you mean the instructor panel? If so Ive not seen any references to the callouts but then I may not have noticed I’ll double check, thanks.

By “callouts” are you referring to the tooltips and inference messages? Give an example of one that isn’t clear.

Check this page:

Opps - yes I did mean, “Instructor”. Thanks for inspecting my answer and instructing a fix to my mistake. I’ll edit above ;^)

Hi Dave
“Constrained on line from point” is one I see. Or “constrained on line intersect plane” is another.
Ive had play around with some random geometry and i think I see what its telling me.