Sketchup missing from GSuite Marketplace

Where is Sketchup? The link from the very homepage for Sketchup, to the GSuite Marketplace, is a dead link. A manual search of the GSM, shows Sketchup does not exist there. Yet, ALL of the instructions for setting up and using Sketchup for a school, say to go… to the link that is dead. On this page, middle of the page, is the link, “G Suite for Education Apps Marketplace,” which is… dead. Then the link on the bottom, after going through the 1-2 questions, and clicking the nearly invisible deployment link, says to search the marketplace… yet, it’s not there.

Here’s the (dead) direct link, even from Google Search:

Can Sketchup Support please provide updated instructions, explanation of what is going on/changed, etc? We’re a moderate sized school, of which I’m the IT Administrator for, and we’ve long used Sketchup (local installs,) and would like to move to the new cloud based setup this year. We are a school heavily tied into GAFE.


whats happening?

Clicking link directly, results in error 400, not found. Going to the marketplace, and searching for “Sketchup” says the app is not found. So … nothing is happening.

Picture of market search.

Here’s a picture of the dead link, straight from the Sketchup page, or Google Search.

Thanks for letting us know. We have our engineering team working on identifying the issue right now. Stay tuned.

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We have our engineering team working on identifying the issue right now. Stay tuned.


Thank you Allyson!

I see that the link is up again in the marketplace.

Have a great day.

It seems that Sketchup is missing from GSuite Marketplace once more. The link above does not work, nor does a search of the Marketplace. I’d like to deploy in my school’s lab, but…well, you know it’s just a tad tough when it doesn’t seem to exist.


Hi @STAdmin

Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience. We are in touch with Google to get this resolved.


Thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye out for the link to go live.

Yes please! Having the same issue over here. Please let us know when this is resolved.


After we installed in, while it was back in the store briefly, when students would open the app, it gave an “this app is not yet approved by Google” type of message - just FYI, to the Sketchup Team.

My guess is, Google asked for some sort of verification, the tech team did not provide that in time, so Google pulled your program back off the market.


We have fulfilled all of Google’s requests in publishing our app to their Marketplace, and we have ensured that we comply with all requirements for verification and data protection. We have been in touch with Google multiple times around this issue and are waiting on answers. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes our users for the duration of the time our app is unavailable, but please be assured that it is not due to lack of effort from our end.


Thanks, Joy! I just have seen they can be fickle, the Google Gods. For your team’s part, the support has been shockingly fantastic.

(I did advise our teacher at the time, that it was fine, go ahead and use it as needed, that it would eventually get smoothed out.)

Maybe this will help with troubleshooting, maybe not.

We are getting the problem randomly here.

Students who were in class for our first day of trying SketchUp for schools were able to access the program after I had them bypass the security warnings. I had those students create a bookmark and they are able to access the program without difficulty using the bookmark.

Of the students who were absent (about 40 kids), a random sampling of them do not see SketchUp for Schools listed under “more apps” from their google landing page. Others however, do see the app and are able to access the program. Again they are getting the security warning and I am directing them to override the warnings.

Of the remainder, some were able to access the app by closing and restarting Chrome.

Students who could not access SketchUp for Schools are reverting to SketchUp Free for Web, but this is purely a stop gap solution.

Students who need to use SketchUp for Schools at home, the library, or at the Boys/Girls club to finish their final assignments are continuing to have difficulty because parents and IT directors are not comfortable bypassing the security warnings.

Hi everyone, we’ve resolved both issues with Google: S4S is back on the G Suite Marketplace AND the verification notification should no longer appear for students logging in for the first time. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for all your patience!


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