What has happend to sketchup for schools

This morning my students went to go onto sketchup for school and got an error code
Access Denied


Moving into the Sketchup for School category. Perhaps @joy can help out.

It seem only the GAFE app link is broken. I can get there via a search for Sketchup for schools and getting in that way. Still would like the app link fixed

On further investigation when I click on the GAFE app link it tries to take me to

If I just delete the last / so it reads

then it works. Not sure what or why this is happening but easy fix I would think.

@aaronr, can you send me the GAFE page that is directing you to the wrong link?

I go to the G suit marketplace and loaded the app to my Gmail account. If I click on the link it tries to take me to

If I the delete the last /


It works. seems to be a problem with the app link.


or this


@aaronr, thanks for the info. We were able to resolve the issue, so it should be working normally now.